Friday, March 14, 2014

~Tea Time~

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Make Tea Not War

I have many teacups.
 But my favorite one would have to be the one that was my
 grandmas then it was passed
 down to my mother now it belongs to me!
I can't wait to be able to pass it down to my daughters someday!

 Bread and water can so easily be toast and tea.
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Pam said...

Your tea cup is just beautiful Ashley. I am looking forward to hearing about all the joy you and your Mama shared while she was there. I love your water and bread to tea and toast analogy. What a wonderful way to put it. All of life can be looked at like that. Wishing you a joyous springtime.
Much love,

Amy said...

I love that teacup Ashley. It's so beautiful. I love that it was passed down through out your families generation. What a treasure!

I really like that analogy of the bread and water to toast and tea.
Great concept!

I hope you have a great weekend. It's suppose to be windy and cold tomorrow... I just love these crazy weather patterns...NOT!

Miss you Sis!!


living from glory to glory said...

Dear Ashley this is such a cute quote! I will be using that one for sure! Windy day for a little bit; now it is just a bit cool.
I am really enjoying your post!!!
Love, Mom

Ashley said...

Pam, mom's visit was just wonderful. I am looking forward to spring time as well. I have Been working what we are going to do in the backyard this spring!

Amy, Thanks, I thought it was pretty cute too. It's been raining the last 2 days here.

Mom, I got your letter today. It was very sweet! We all enjoyed your visit so much!

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